A girlfriend of mine asked me, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?  WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN ABLE TO FIND THE RIGHT GUY FOR ME?”  I asked her to be specific, “What type of guy are you looking for?”  She thought for a moment and THEN listed a bunch of unrealistic expectations.  I didn’t blame her too much…maybe she was BRAINSTORMING.  No she wasn’t.  She was DEAD serious.  In my head I had to keep telling myself over and over to “STOP JUDGING HER!” (smile)  I THEN asked her the MOST important question, “What makes YOU special?”  Building your brand is EXACTLY that!  Why should I shop at YOUR store, why should I choose YOU to fix my car, why should a guy choose you vs all of the millions upon millions of women in the world?  Do you have the answer?

What’s also important when you build your brand is figuring out what you DON’T do.  If I were to be honest with myself, THAT’s the thing that I DON’T like about brand building.  I truly believe that I can do EVERYTHING.  

So, if that same friend of mine learned how to give foot massages for an example (bad example) and she gave a foot massage to her man after he ate dinner.  I think that would be a strong personal touch.  The most important thing is to be true to yourself and to stand OUT!  If you’re out there listening (reading this blog) it may sound like I’m going overboard.  I don’t know, maybe he deserves a nice foot massage (NO…I’m not talking about me). Moreover, maybe you deserve to get all the love in return for all of the love you’re putting into whatever it is that you do.

Build that brand.



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