I don’t know about YOU, but when I lose something…I briefly LOSE MY MIND! I’m searching the house, the car, my pockets, etc. I hate it when you lose something and someone is ALWAYS there to ask THIS question: “Where were you the last time you had it? If I knew THAT then it wouldn’t be lost!

Well…I couldn’t remember..the last time that I spoke with her.  I reached out several times throughout the year – through text, email, facebook and by phone and I received no response. I called a mutual friend and asked him to reach out to her. At that point I was extremely worried that I hadn’t heard back.


Making an extremely long story short – It was brought to my attention  (through that third party and THEN through facebook from HER to ME) that she didn’t want ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. That crushed me. It crushed me because we have known each other all of our adult lives. We were intimate for a short time, but our friendship was tight. She would call me when she had a problem in her life and vice versa. She asked me to NEVER CONTACT HER AGAIN. Now, understand when people make that bold request I immediately give them what they’re looking for. No one nowhere is going to be talking about me saying, “That Michael won’t leave me alone.” This was all together different. We’ve gone for over a year or two without talking and THEN we pick back up like nothing happened.  So, again I was DEVASTATED! I was and I let it be known how much I loved her.  She didn’t want to discuss WHY.  I did, however get enough information out of her. She wanted more. She wanted something that I couldn’t give. That’s all I needed to hear.

If I show you who I am and you don’t value it,  I’ll be more than happy to let you go. I’ll pack you a lunch and send you on your way. I understand my worth. Sometimes we have to allow people and things to walk out of our lives in order for us to grow. There is a time or a season for everything. When people walk out of your life let em. Maybe you were meant to fly. Maybe they were weighing you down. What I DO know is this year has started off to be a wonderful year!  I lost a friend and found clarity.



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