OMG! So much to say.

Let’s first address what it takes to succeed. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable. DRIVE. TENACITY. HAVING A STRONG INNER CIRCLE. DISCIPLINE. GOALS. FAILURE. EMBARRASSING FAILURES.

In September 1996, I moved from Maryland to California to pursue a dream of mine. The most important thing wasn’t necessarily my dream. It was where my mind was. I had approximately $900 saved up and I was pursuing the thing that most people viewed as IMPOSSIBLE. I wanted to “BE” an Actor. I did all of the stuff that Actors do when you first land in Hollywood: 1. Get Headshots, 2. Get an Agent, 3. Get in an Acting Class and oh yea, 4. Get a job! I didn’t waste a lot of time. In fact, it was the very FIRST class that I had with my Acting Coach, Stuart Rogers that I learned something that would change the course of my career forever. He said, “If you want to be an Actor, get a life.” I dissected those words for months. I stopped going to Acting Class because of those words (AND as well, because that $900 was disappearing FAST)!  What I believed he was asking the class to do was to search deep within, and ask ourselves what do I want out of life. What is it that I want to do? Well, I wanted to have FUN. I wanted to ENJOY LIFE! I wanted to learn anything and everything that life had to teach me…and I wanted to be GOOD!

So, I conducted a seventeen year long experiment on myself. THE EXPERIMENT? TO BE! I became a barber, teacher, motivational speaker, licensed massage therapist, loan officer, photographer, certified personal trainer, comedian, writer, producer, director, editor, DP. I grew.  I BECAME.

Now, 17 ALMOST 18 years later…

I’ve been married, lost a child (didn’t make it to full term) divorced, was homeless, lost loved ones and I’ve had several different careers. I’m wiser.

While I can’t regret anything that I’ve done, because I see how each wrong move has shaped me into who I love about myself, I am disappointed in myself for one thing. For telling people and MYSELF that I was moving to Hollywood to BE an Actor. Me saying AND believing that was discounting everything that I ever did in College. In essence, I was saying that my experiences at Claflin University, Largo High School, Northwestern High School Nicholas Orem Middle School, Lewisdale Elementary School, Willowbrook Montessori didn’t count When it DID. EVERYTHING that happened before College, during College and after College is a part of my BEING.

Stuart Rogers wasn’t trying to get me to quit the class. His objective, in my estimation was to make Actors understand that acting isn’t JUST about auditioning and going to acting class and booking the gig. More so, acting is about understand the characters you play, therfore it’s important to not to forget to participate in this thing called life.

I will NEVER discount, who I was, or who I am. In life, it’s important to be present in the moment….to be who you from me to you…“BE”

I Michael Flowers Jr am an Actor (etc) HAHAHA!!!

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